NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern: ‘I am not the first woman to multitask.’


Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister, fielded questions about plans for a family within just hours of being elected leader of New Zealand’s Labour Party in August. In October, Ardern became New Zealand’s youngest prime minister in more than a century. And on Friday, she announced that she would be taking on another role — that of a mother.

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Sheryl Sandberg's new Facebook post reveals a horrible truth about workplaces


Sheryl Sandberg Since 2011, Sheryl Sandberg has been one of the top five most powerful women in the world, but that hasn't stopped her from bitterly experiencing what so many other women have.

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Gal Gadot says motherhood is more empowering than being ‘Wonder Woman’


WONDER Woman actress Gal Gadot has told how acting the superhero is child’s play compared to being a mum of two young daughters.

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The women fighters who helped defeat ISIS in Raqqa


Some incredible news has emerged this week from war-ravaged Syria, with an all-female Kurdish militia having managed to defeat ISIS terrorists in Raqqa. ISIS’s brutal and terrifying rule has lasted for four years and has seen the rape, mass murder and sale of Christian Yazidi girls and women into slavery. It’s a win for the oppressed Kurdish minority group against the barbarity of ISIS whose brutal atrocities have shocked the world.   

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Female chess champ banned from Iranian team for refusing to wear hijab


Female chess player Dorsa Derakhshani, who was banned from the Iranian national women's team for attending an international competition without wearing an Islamic headscarf, has joined the US team.

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Israeli and Palestinian women march for peace


Sky News has posted a story and image of thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women trekking through a biblical desert landscape, converging on the shores of the Jordan River in a march for peace.

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Why is “sugar daddy” funded education being sold as empowering to women?


Matching “sugar daddies” or “sugar mummies” with “sugar babies” is the subject of a fascinating opinion piece by author and columnist Kasey Edwards who has written about new dating website

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Lady Gaga’s battle with chronic pain revealed in new documentary


Lady Gaga has revealed she is struggling with a chronic pain disease and is set to release a documentary highlighting her battle and to raise awareness of the condition.

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Alleged gender-pay gap accusation levelled at Google


What excuses can there possibly be anymore for a gender-based pay gap? But that is exactly the accusation global giant Google is facing in a lawsuit in the US over alleged gender-based pay discrimination.

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Strength-based parenting – why it’s attracting so much attention globally


With her research into focusing on the strengths of children, Professor of Positive Psychology Lea Waters says we have to re-wire our “negativity bias” impulse and instead implement a far more powerful, positive strategy called “strength-based parenting” that helps children improve by focusing on their strengths rather than on what’s wrong.

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