Niqabs thrown in sand as women flee Caliphate


The road to Raqqa was paved with black cloth. Scores of niqabs, the spartan black veils ordered by Islamic State, littered the desert floor alongside hijabs and abayas, all flung from the shoulders of women escaping the city the moment they had crossed no man’s land and were certain that their flight had succeeded.

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Golda Meir: " To be successful, a woman has to be much better at her job than a man."


Golda Meir's birthday was on May 3. Occupying a unique platform on the podium of female leaders, Golda ‘Meir’ Meyerson was the ‘Iron Lady’ before Margaret Thatcher was near reaching that memorable epithet. 

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Silence of the man


In Monday night’s Q&A episode, no men asked a question of the all-female panel, no man-buns popped out of the seated crowd, and Tony Jones appeared to possess the most testosterone in the room.

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When women consider the progress in advancing our status in society the very questions should be, not necessarily in this order;

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Domestic Violence / Family Court


The biggest threat to women and children in Australia and probably the world today is Domestic Violence. In Australia two women are murdered every week and thousands more are abused physically, sexually and emotionally on a daily basis.

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A woman does not need to apologise for being a woman


I am about to make a statement that may get me in major trouble. A woman must not apologise for what she is or want to be. A woman may want to be a high flying professional, a politician, a business woman . 

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Follow your passion; stay true to yourself-Ellen De Generes


Named the 50th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2015, Ellen De Generes has achieved enormous success in the creative arts as a consequence of her willingness to be herself; a very brave decision that has done a great deal to normalize the presence of non-traditional sexuality and relationships in American life.

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Women in Sport


In contention for the greatest female tennis player of all time, Billie Jean King’s life is an inspirational tale of upward mobility, pioneering spirit, success and an unquenchable thirst for victory. 

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White Ribbon Day


As a young straight white male, it is unlikely that I will be the victim of sexual assault.
As a young straight white male, it is unlikely that I will be the victim of domestic violence.
As a young straight white male, it is unlikely that I will be physically abused by a member of the opposite gender.

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Eyes on ISIS


Attempting to curb the spread of extremist thought online and through social media, Google’s think tank Jigsaw is developing programs that actively divert users away from groups promoting terror.

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