Helping society’s most vulnerable

Modern technology is coming to the aid of those practising the world’s oldest profession.

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Normalising periods with a new emoji

Women around the world are cheering the advent of the new period emoji – a picture of a drop of blood – that is set to hit our smartphone keyboards in the next few months.

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Israeli scientists say they will have a cure for cancer in a year

Cancer cells [illustrative]

In 2018, the International Agency for Research on Cancer estimated there were 17 million new cancer cases and 9.5 million cancer deaths worldwide. The impact the illness has om people is devastating and finding a cure cannot come too soon.

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Deploying AI in the fight against cervical cancer

Any new developments in the fields of cancer prevention and treatment are always welcome in any society. And in the interest of women’s health, we’re always pleased to update and report on any developments in this field for our readers.

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It has never been so easy to give… and it has never been so urgent

How many of us carry cash around with us on a regular basis? For the first time in 2017, card payments outstripped cash, and this is having implications on our generosity.  

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Margot Robbie set to play Barbie... and raising eyebrows too

Aussie actress Margot Robbie is set to play the first live-action portrayal of Barbie in an upcoming movie which she is also co-producing and is also raising eyebrows by doing so.

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Including eggs and peanuts in a baby’s diet in the first year may prevent allergies

Being nut-free has become the cultural norm in schools and at kids’ parties across the western world. Shielding babies and toddlers from exposure to peanuts and other common allergens such as egg, has also become common practice. But by curbing the exposure of our young ones to these foods, we may unintentionally be causing an increase in allergic reactions. 

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How much time will your kids spend playing Fortnite these holidays?

Now that it’s the school holidays, kids are freer to ratchet up the hours gaming than during the busy school year. And while video games for kids have been menacing parents since at least the 1980s, the game Fortnite is proving to be a different kind of beast than anything that has preceded it.

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End “period poverty” activist makes the list of the world’s most influential teenagers

Menstrual Equity Activist Amika George is a teenager with a steadfast commitment to bring about social change and transform the world into a better place for many girls and women struggling in secret.

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Is cannabis the best treatment for autism?

Nobody really knows what causes autism. Current research suggests that both genetics and environment play a role, and currently, there is still no known cure.

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