“Like a GPS for cancer patients” - world’s largest cancer social network app raises millions in funding

Following the deaths of loved ones to cancer, Israeli app developers Eliran Malki, Irad Deutsch and Ohad Rubin put their heads together back in 2015 and have since created the world’s largest social network and navigator app for cancer patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals called Belong.Life – Beating Cancer Together.

According to the Belong.Life website, 84 per cent of the app’s users agreed that belonging had helped them feel less alone and 80 per cent felt better prepared for consultations. The services it offers include chats with doctors, social strength, storing personal files as well as customised and personalised information and notifications.

It now has more than 200,000 users in 105 countries on its platform, with top patient advocacy associations such as the American Cancer Society in partnership with them. Belong.Life has now also raised a further $14 million to grow the digital platform for cancer patients offering a free app enabling patients and their loved ones to explore and manage their treatment more effectively.

The app’s algorithms also recommend content and updates and automatically selects communities and professionals relevant to particular cancer types, Health Care Weekly reported.

Belong.Life’s app, which the company describes as a “GPS for cancer patients” allows users to chat with oncologists, radiologists, researchers and nurses who answer your questions. It also organises and manages patients’ documents so that these can be shared with family and medical professionals, Health Care Weekly reported.

According to a Venture Beat report, medical documents are organised and stored securely in a shareable portal, and patients who meet criteria for clinical trials optionally receive alerts via notifications, with Belong saying it has made over 4,000 clinical trial matches so far.

Click here to read more about the app from the Belong.Life website

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