“Menstrual surveillance” – the exploitation of fem-tech

A disturbing story has come to light this week this week concerning corporate data mining of digital technology designed to monitor female health. It’s the stuff straight out of an Orwellian dystopia or totalitarian nightmare, so you’d better check your apps, because they could be working against you in the workplace.

These days, many women use pregnancy and fertility apps in their attempts to fall pregnant and they can be really helpful in doing so. This kind of information can’t get more private and personal, right? But we have provided some links to a story addressing pregnancy app Ovia – the parent company behind several fertility, pregnancy and parenting apps, that is allegedly selling user data to companies that include the employers of the users, according to this Washington Post report.

The issue is also addressed in this article in The Guardian, where it quotes the Washington Post story, stating that, Ovia “has become a powerful monitoring tool for employers and health insurers, which, under the banner of corporate wellness, have aggressively pushed to gather more data about their workers’ lives”. That data includes intimate information about your fertility, your menstrual cycle and the progression of your pregnancy, the Guardian revealed.

Here's the report from the Washington Post and click here for The Guardian story. Stay informed!

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