ASOS winning praise for showing their clothing on models of different sizes


The British fashion retailer has partnered with Israeli startup Zeekit to show what products look like on a range of body types using augmented reality.

Seriously, who doesn't love online shopping? Receiving the actual garment however can often be met with disappointment when it doesn't fit, or look nearly like the way it does on the model.

Yet according to You Magazine, ASOS has partnered up with Israeli startup Zeekit and is rolling out an initiative that shows the same item of clothing on models of different shapes and sizes.

"Rather than shoot the items using multiple models, which would be a costly and time consuming process, Zeekit uses augmented reality (AR) to superimpose the clothing onto different bodies. It is able to ‘map’ items onto an image, accounting for body dimensions, fit, and the fabric of the garment," the article revealed.

Click here for the story at You Magazine and here for

Image source: Zeekit

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