Biggest vegan festival in the world rocks Tel Aviv

It's the biggest vegan festival on earth, with some 50,000 people descending on Israel’s most vibrant and hip beach-side city – Tel Aviv - for a festival of all things vegan.

According to a report by EuroNews, Israel has been celebrated as the most vegan nation on earth, after a 2015 poll revealed that 5.2% of its population had given up eating animal products.

With so many eschewing animal protein, it’s no wonder that Israel is at the forefront of research into alternative proteins, with companies such as SuperMeat, Futuremeat and Aleph Farms being just three Israeli-based start-ups competing to produce faux meat sustainably and eco-consciously by growing it in labs, EuroNews reported.

Also on the menu at the festival were ‘cruelty-free’ clothes such as vegan shoes and clothes, as well as yoga and music events.
Traditional vegan foods, such as falafel as well as vegan hot dogs were plentiful, as well as a kit to make your own diary-free probiotics.

The vegan revolution taking hold in Israel is front and centre of a greater worldwide movement that is becoming increasingly conscience of leaving “no trace,” as anyone who has ever attended Burning Man festival will know.

And with over 400 vegan-friendly restaurants, it’s no wonder that Israel has been named the world’s number one vegan destination.

“The country is a leader in the switch to vegan eating: plant-based restaurants are thriving and easily accessible to the one million Israelis – out of a population of eight million – who don’t eat meat,” Jason Baker, vice president of international campaigns for PETA Asia said, according to a report on website LiveKindly.

Might be worth a trip over there if you want a truly lived vegan experience…

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