Brilliant, beautiful and made a difference

Feminism probably owes much to the efforts of genius and Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr whose brilliance pioneered the frequency technology that we use today in modern wi-fi and Bluetooth devices. Who knew, right?

Brought back to the public’s attention by Israeli actress Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman, Gadot will both play the part of Hedy Lamarr and be executive producer of a Showtime series on the Hollywood and scientific legend.

With the series merely touted over the past year, it has now been confirmed, although without revealing an official name for the series and when it will premiere.

Austrian-born Hedy Lamarr left her husband in 1930s Europe and came to the United States as a Jewish refugee, soon scaling the heights of Hollywood as a much sought after actress.

What is much less known however, is that during the years of World War Two, Lamarr also worked as an inventor, according to a Vanity Fair article, partnering with composer George Antheil on a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes during World War II and pioneering frequency technology that still features into modern wi-fi and Bluetooth devices.

According to the article, the series will examine “the rise and fall of feminism in the American landscape during Golden Age of Hollywood and World War II, aiming to find, in Lamarr’s life and legacy, clues for who we are now.”

“The life of Hedy Lamarr was a truly fascinating one,” said Showtime entertainment president Jana Winograde of the announcement, according to Vanity Fair. “She stood at the forefront of many issues that challenge women and our society today. In Gal Gadot, we have found the transcendent actress to portray the deeply complex Lamarr.”

One definitely to look out for.

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