Gal Gadot says motherhood is more empowering than being ‘Wonder Woman’


WONDER Woman actress Gal Gadot has told how acting the superhero is child’s play compared to being a mum of two young daughters.

The 32-year-old says coping with motherhood is much more empowering than saving the world on screen, according to a report from the Courier Mail.

Gadot, who has kids Alma, five, and Maya, eight months, said: “I know this sounds really cheesy but all mums are like Wonder Woman, they really are."

Gadot, who stars as Diana Prince, AKA Wonder Woman, in new super hero flick Justice League, is married to property tycoon Yaron Versano. She has her millions of fans in stitches with a series of candid Instagram posts about the daily struggles of being a mum.

The former Miss Israel, who served two years in her country’s defence forces and was a combat trainer, made her debut as the female action hero last year in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. This year she was back in a film centred on her character.

Click here for the full story at The Courier Mail

Image source: Gal Gadot’s instagram

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