If you believe… they’ll put a woman on the Moon: The Artemis Lunar Missions

Meet the sister of the famous Apollo missions - Artemis - NASA’s new mission hoping to land the first woman on the moon by 2024.

NASA’s famous Apollo missions successfully landed the first men on the moon back in 1969, but this week announced its sister program – Artemis – which aims to land a man and woman on the moon in the next five years.

For those who are unfamiliar with their Greek mythology, NASA’s plan to put the first woman on the surface of the Moon by 2024 is now named Artemis, after the Greek goddess of the Moon and twin sister of the god Apollo.

“I think it is very beautiful that 50 years after Apollo, the Artemis program will carry the next man and the first woman to the Moon,” The Verge reported NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine stating. “I have a daughter who is 11 years old, and I want her to be able to see herself in the same role as the next women that go to the Moon.”

The Apollo missions aimed to land men successfully on the moon in the burgeoning decades of space exploration in the 1960s and 1970s (with six missions achieving this goal), but now Artemis is set to take centre stage. It is also a celebration and commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the successful landing on the Moon by Apollo 11 back in 1969 which will occur in July this year.

“If we look at the history of Moon landings, it was test pilots from the 1960s and 1970s, fighter pilots, and there were no opportunities for women back then. This program is going to enable a new generation of young girls like my daughter to see themselves in a way that maybe they wouldn’t otherwise see themselves,” Bridenstine said at a Q&A after the announcement, according to TechCrunch. A new $1.6 billion budget increase for NASA earmarked for lunar missions was also announced.


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