Iranian model flees to Paris after being sentenced to 148 lashes and prison time for posing in lingerie

Negzzia fled to Paris where a life of homelessness and destitution began after escaping a prison sentence for her modelling ambitions under the Islamic State’s strict dress code.

A model in Iran for many years, 29 year old Negzzia initially adhered to Iran’s code on dress, but soon began to experiment with lighter and sexier clothes.

After a photographer tried to rape her, he denounced her to authorities claiming she had “forbidden” photos, reported.

On the run from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards since 2017, Negzzia fled first to Turkey and then on to Paris to seek asylum and to pursue her dream of being a model and working in the fashion industry.

After registering at an office in Paris that takes care of asylum seekers and refugees, she remained without legal status, unable to find work or study, sold her clothes for money to buy food and slept on park benches, the report revealed.

She tried to commit suicide three times, once jumping out on to train tracks, but each time someone or something intervened that stopped her from completing the act.

After French media discovered her story, the French authorities were made aware of her plight and earlier this month, French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said the department is in contact with her and pledged to give her case the proper attention, The Daily Mail UK reported. Negzzia since then has been able to sleep with a roof over her head at a temporary housing centre for asylum seekers. 

According to the same report, Negzzia says she is a woman who has liberated herself from Iran's strict religious laws.

“I am proudly a woman who stepped out of my comfort zone and broke all the rules that don't have any respect for women,” she said on Instagram. 

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