It has never been so easy to give… and it has never been so urgent

How many of us carry cash around with us on a regular basis? For the first time in 2017, card payments outstripped cash, and this is having implications on our generosity.  

According to UK charity Shelter, there are, incredibly, 170,000 homeless people on the streets of London. Strapped for physical cash, it’s not so easy to be generous to the most unfortunate the way it used to be.

Helping resolve this issue is GoodBox. Working together TAP London, it is providing the technology behind the 91 wireless donation points that have popped up across London over this past northern winter, and at which you can now give £3 to rough sleepers with a tap of your smartphone or card at one of these locations.

“The current donation total stands at £13,419 after just two weeks and 58 out of the proposed 91 points installed so far, website The Pool reported. “TAP has covered all the transaction charges, so 100% of the funds raised will go to the cause. The donations will be split equally between the 22 charities within the London Homeless Charities Group.”

The widespread support and success of the contactless donation points has been so resounding that other cities across the UK are clamouring for the technology.

It’s also helping to bring in a new audience of donors: millennials. According to TAP London co-founder Polly Gilbert, there is a fear in the charity sector that young people will give less, but this isn’t necessarily the case. “It’s often that charities are asking them to give in ways they’re not used to,” Gilbert told the Standard. Millennials would rather do a one-off donation instead of a direct debit, so initiatives like this are a way of introducing new ways to encourage people to give.

The question is, when are Australian cities going to implement the same donation points to help out the roughly 117,000 homeless people living on our streets? 


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