Jodie Hollis-Tobin shines a light on the plight of preterm baby parents

Jodie Hollis-Tobin brings visibility to the struggles that parents who experience pre-term delivery, in raising awareness and funds for organisations such as the Pre-term Infant Parents Association (PIPA).

Hollis-Tobin has delivered 5 babies, all premature, and suffered multiple miscarriages, before being diagnosed with uterus didelphys, a condition that affects 1 in 3000 women, where a woman has two uteruses, separated by a septum. The condition often has little effect on pregnancy and childbirth, but in some cases, like Hollis-Tobin, can have significant ramifications.

Hollis-Tobin has used her experiences to raise awareness for PIPA, and other organisations that support women undergoing the challenges of living with premature babies. Ronald McDonald House in has supported Hollis-Tobin by assisting her in managing her family affairs and providing medical care for her children in the initial weeks and months when there were questions as to the survival of her youngest children.

Hudson Hollis-Tobin, born at just 22 weeks, was in dire straits when diagnosed with meningitis and sepsis, but fought through, and is at home and healthy almost a year on, and has joined his surviving siblings Ariella (born at 33 weeks, now four years old) and Tobias (born at 25 weeks, now three years old). His parents are overjoyed and continue to support PIPA and other organisations.

The PIPA is one of a number of organisations providing services to women who experience these issues, including hospital visits, counselling and a support group for parents, who often have medical complications on top of the concerns for their children, who may be fighting for survival. PIPA has been operating for 25 years and helps thousands of families every year with managing the challenges and stresses that come with delivering a pre-term baby.

Based in Queensland, PIPA has partnered with neo-natal ICU units to provide assistance and support to the roughly 5500 babies born premature in Queensland every year, and roughly 26,000 annually around Australia.  

You can support PIPA here, at

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