Neo-Nazi “White Power” concert set to rock Melbourne: Is this really being allowed?

Blood and Honour and Southern Cross Hammerskins are two white supremacist, neo-Nazi groups that are banned in several European countries, with the former proscribed as a terrorist group in Canada. But in Melbourne, they are allowed to organise rock concerts which will certainly only help to galvanise those already in their ranks as well as serve to recruit new members.

Billed to take place next month, the concert will headline the death metal “White Power” band Fortress, who feature a song entitled Parasite which sports the following lyrics: "Damn the other races, want to keep my country white ... Send the bastards back, if they don't f***king like it, it'll be in body bags" a report from 7News revealed.

According to the same report, the Melbourne-based Anti-Defamation Commission is urging the Victorian government to prevent the "neo-Nazi" event spreading "poisonous, exterminationist hate".

"We are deeply concerned that if this concert goes ahead, it will pose a real risk to the safety of all Victorians since it may lead to crimes being committed by people who attend this event," 7News reported.

The ADC also stated that recent gun massacres in the US and New Zealand had demonstrated the "direct link" between hate speech and violence.

According to a report from The Age, the event's flyer bills the concert as an "ISD memorial", a direct reference to British neo-Nazi and Blood and Honour founder, Ian Stuart Donaldson, who died in 1993.

The report went on to say that the Andrews Government has not committed to stopping the concert in advance, instead warning its organisers that inciting violence was not a form of protected speech.

"Hate speech and inciting violence have no place in Victoria - not only is it wrong but against the law," a spokeswoman said, according to The Age report.

"Any venue considering hosting this should think long and hard about the consequences of their actions."

But the question remains: is this doing enough to protect people from the possible fallout of such an event? 

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