Sheryl Sandberg's new Facebook post reveals a horrible truth about workplaces


Sheryl Sandberg Since 2011, Sheryl Sandberg has been one of the top five most powerful women in the world, but that hasn't stopped her from bitterly experiencing what so many other women have.

Website Whimn reported that in a new Facebook post this week, the 48-year-old has revealed her experiences of harassment, writing: "A hand on my leg under the table at a meeting. Married men – all decades older than I – offering “career advice” and then suggesting that they could share it with me alone late at night. The conference where a man I declined leaving a dinner with came to my hotel room late at night and banged on my door until I called security.

"I didn’t work for any of these men. But in every single one of these situations, they had more power than I did. That’s not a coincidence. It’s why they felt free to cross that line."

She has offered a solution to an ongoing problem: "Every workplace should start with clear principles, then institute policies to support them... make it clear that all employees have a role to play in keeping workplaces safe – and that enablers and failed gatekeepers are complicit when they stay silent or look the other way."

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