Time 100 Best Inventions of 2019

Time Magazine recently released their list of 100 best inventions from 2019. To save you the time, we’ve put together what we think are the top 10 inventions from the list.


  1. Osé – A patented micro robotic and hands free device to help women in an area of life where many women aren’t being satisfied. Designed by Lora Haddock, a US Navy veteran, Osé is designed to help combat sexism in tech, and ensure that women are reaching pleasure more easily and accessibly.
  2. ElliQ – An AI driven robot is designed to provide companionship and combating loneliness and isolation for the elderly. The ElliQ is a small sleek. Machine, that sits easily on a table or desk, and with the learning capacity to assist elder citizens with help in their routine, such as reminders to call grandchildren or have outings.
  3. GENNY by WaterGen – GENNY, designed by Israeli tech firm WaterGen, pulls water from the ambient air to filter it until it is suitable drinking water. All it needs is electricity, no plumbing, and capable of producing almost 27L of drinking water a day. GENNY could prove vital in areas struck by natural disaster or drought to allow people to have safe drinking water.
  4. denim unspun – Designed by Beth Esponette, unspun is taking denim to a new level, with new sustainable practices, aiming to reduce all fashion carbon emissions by 1% and have their total process be waste-free, without skimping on comfort or fashion. Unspun take a body scan, and creates custom-fitted, fully sustainable, high quality denim. Dominating both fashion and sustainability, unspun is reinventing the wheel.
  5. OrCam – Described as talking glasses, OrCam could be a game-changer for visually impaired people. The AI device attaches to normal spectacles, and reads aloud information, text and bar codes, and can identify faces and currency in the viewer’s vision. The technology is rapidly improving, with a new release expected this year, but the technology has already been put to use, including helping blind and visually impaired voters in Israel’s recent elections see their ballot paper better.
  6. Sanku Dosifier – Sanku Dosifier is groundbreaking flour-milling technology that is expected to have a huge impact in areas of East Africa where millions of people are undernourished. The technology allows “dosing” of flour, in the same way that industrial millers do, with folate, iron and Vitamin B12 to ensure that people get a healthy diet. Sanku will look to reach 100 m people over the next few years with their technology.
  7. TytoHome - Bringing the doctor's visit home, and into a small handheld device, TytoHome measures the patient's vitals, while videoconferencing in real time with a doctor, allowing all the diagnosis, and none of the inconvenience and travel associated with a trip to a GP. TytoHome puts healthcare back in the hands of the consumers, according to CEO Dedi Gilad. 
  8. Saathi Pads – In India, where access to sanitary pads is often limited, Saathi is providing revolutionary, low-cost and fully sustainable sanitary products to women who otherwise might not have access. The banana fibres that make up the sanitary napkins also support local farmers, who otherwise would be throwing out of the fibres, and this way can increase revenue.
  9. Pelebox – Neo Hutiri struggled with long-term illness in South Africa. His biggest issue, the waiting to receive his prescription drugs. Pelebox is the solution he came up with, where prescription drugs can be locked in mailbox-like safes at certain kiosks, and a onetime SMS code sent to the patient to pick them up. Pelebox has cut down waiting times to an average of one minute to receive important prescription medications.
  10. Pipeline – Pipeline isn’t just about reducing the gender pay gap but ensuring that the discrimination and bias that allowed it to happen are illuminated and prevented in other facets. Its unique technology identifies and analyses any potential bias, by evaluating performance reviews, hiring practices, payroll and other metrics to see the root of problems and prevent them.

See the full list inventions here: https://time.com/collection/best-inventions-2019/

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