Two huge events are taking place this weekend – one much more fun that the other.

Helping take our minds off the elections this weekend is all that is kitsch – the Eurovision Song Contest -  currently taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Australia’s representative in the sequined, bold, brassy and larger than life song contest is Kate Miller-Heidke who soared into the final with her amazingly fab performance this week which saw her and two backing vocalists held aloft on poles swaying dramatically to and fro as she sang about her experiences with post-natal depression.

In her semi-final, Miller-Heidke was 12th on the bill, and appeared to float over the stage, which was transformed to look like the Earth through a sophisticated light show.

The irrepressible Madonna also landed in Israel in the last couple of days to prepare for her performance during the interval in which is slated to sing two songs – one from her latest, upcoming album, and another from an earlier repertoire. She is the biggest act ever to perform at a Eurovision Song Contest in its history.

The other countries who made it into the weekend’s final are Greece, Belarus, Serbia, Cyprus, Estonia, Czech Republic, Iceland, San Marino and Slovenia.

They now join the Big 5 — the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany — and host country Israel who all automatically qualify for the final.

According to an article in the Courier Mail, Kate Miller-Heidke, a singer-songwriter from Brisbane, was named a favourite by bookmakers after her dramatic performance in Tuesday's semi-final sent her through to the grand final this weekend.

"I guess I find those thoughts (of winning) obviously tempting but also distracting. I just need to focus on my own performance," she told the Press Association, the Courier Mail reported.

"And there are so many brilliant artists and songs in the competition and I can't control how people receive my song. I can just do the best performance I can.”

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