Why do atrocities in Africa rarely make news headlines?

Atrocities that occur in Africa rarely make news headlines, but last week, another slaughter was occurring in Nigeria, as the extremist sect Boko Haram (BHT) killed scores of people in the predominantly Christian village of Michika.

At least 32 people were killed in the early-morning attack in the district of Maro in the Kaduna state of north-central Nigeria. In addition to the loss of life, homes and at least one church were burned as hundreds were displaced. Some homes even reportedly had sleeping residents inside when they were lit on fire, the New American reported.

Fleeing residents reported that members of the terrorist Boko Haram forced them out of their homes, looted the village, and set structures on fire. The Nigerian Army intervened, too late to help many.

It’s not the first time Boko Haram has committed atrocities of this kind. You may remember that back in 2014, the extremist Islamic group that is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state, was responsible for the abduction of 200 Nigerian girls.

Some were released, but according to the latest reports, 112 girls will mark five years in captivity on 14 April, if they are not released this weekend.

The group has caused havoc in Africa's most populous country through a campaign of bombings and attacks, and continues to do so with a suicide bomb attack killing three people and injuring more than 30 in a twin suicide bomb attack in the Nigerian city of Maiduguri just yesterday. It follows a spate of suicide bomb attacks that have occurred over the past few months, killing approximately 11 people.


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