Women-only dance parties where men are banned

Sometimes you just want to dance without having to worry about all the other social stresses that come with letting your hair down in a public place.


In the Kenyan capital of Nairobi, the creation of all-women’s dance parties have created safe nightlife spaces for women.

The concept, called Strictly Silk, was conceived by Njoki Ngumi, Njeri Gitungo and Akati Khasiani, all members of The Nest Collective, a Kenyan multi-disciplinary arts collective that also works across film, music, fashion and other arts, the BBC reported.

And it strictly adheres to the women’s only code at the parties, given that it’s not just party goers who have to be female, but everyone on the ground, including the DJs, bar staff, security staff and MCs all of whom have to be women.

The trio started the all-women's dance parties in 2018 but the inspiration behind it was more than simply a night of fun.

"2018 was a difficult year for a lot of Kenyan women. There were a lot of stories about violence and people were becoming bolder about misogyny online and offline," Ms Ngumi told the BBC.

"There were a lot of stories around sexual harassment. We just wanted to curate this energy in celebration of women in spaces that are not usually welcome for women and especially things to do with nightlife," she added.

The BBC reported on statistics of harassment by international charity Plan International, which placed Nairobi sixth among 22 cities where women were most likely to be sexually harassed.

According to the report, Ms Ngumi hopes to make the all-women dance parties a regular feature in Kenya and across Africa as well.

Click here to read the full report from the BBC

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